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“UKAST’s aim is to offer independent verification and accountability for tipster services operating in the UK. We provide objective information to allow potential customers to make informed choices about tipster services, whilst at the same time providing genuine and authentic services with a recognisable accreditation that attests to their fairness, transparency and integrity.”

Even before horse racing became a respectable sport there has been betting on outcomes of contests and with that people who are prepared to offer advice to others on the outcome for a suitable fee.

The arrival of the internet has led to a significant expansion in the number and type of tipping services and it is fair to say that that the quality range is as wide as the number of betting markets available. Unless you are a complete newcomer to this world you will be aware that there have been a number of scams and frauds practised on the ordinary punter.

That is why we have formed the UK Association of Sports Tipping (UKAST) which will offer a publicly available register of sports betting advisers that meet the quality standards set by the Association. Behind the organisation are two of the leading reviewers who have been conscious that it is very difficult for punters to make a judgement about who to follow, and that some level of regulation is long overdue.

We invite all professional services operating in the betting industry to apply for membership of UKAST - together we can drive up standards and improve the image of reputable services and products. Professional members will be able to display our approval stamp - the equivalent of a kite mark allowing easy recognition by the public. Just click the button for more information.

UKAST- Setting the Standards for Sports Tipping in the UK

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