Our Mission

To Set the Standard for Sports Tipping In The UK

“UKAST’s aim is to offer independent verification and accountability for tipster services operating in the UK. We provide objective information to allow potential customers to make informed choices about tipster services, whilst at the same time providing genuine and authentic services with a recognisable accreditation that attests to their fairness, transparency and integrity.”

Since the turn of the 21st century the sports tipping sector has developed at a great pace, largely fuelled by the internet allowing easy access to punters who in turn can place their bets without needing to leave their home.

In common with many emergent industries there has been a wide range of quality evident and rather more than most there have been a large number of less than honest services appearing. This in turn has led to a natural distrust of services by the target audience - the punter.

A service which is straightforward and honest may not initially have the track record to demonstrate their credentials and even when they publish their results online many question the reliability of such self-produced figures. So the review site was born, examining performances in real time and expressing views on credibility as well as allowing comments from the general public. But even then all is not necessarily well, as some review sites write their comments only after being paid by the service, or worse!

Chris Sowerby (Betting Rant and Tipstars) and Peter Philipson (More Money Review and now Best Betting Review) have completed over 2000 service reviews between them and have both advocated the need for an independent body to register and monitor services and related products thus allowing the general public to have some confirmation that they are dealing with a reputable supplier. They have now joined forces to set up the UK Association of Sports Tipping (UKAST) to fulfill this need.

Meet the team here

UKAST is an independent organisation that will maintain a register of businesses offering sports related tipping services and software, as well as approving reliable proofing sites. This will allow the betting public to check the credentials of services as well as offering a complaints resolution process for certified members. Whilst it is always going to be impossible to guarantee future performance, the Association will be a visible confirmation of the good practices of its members.

More details of how we undertake this work are given on the Certified Members Rules page.

Certified members support the work of UKAST by subscribing at the current level for their type of membership. Subscription levels will be kept to a minimum and re-assessed annually based on the costs of maintaining the organisation.

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