Certified Member Rules

All certified members of UKAST agree to abide by the following code of conduct:

  1. To provide open and honest information about services offered
  2. To respond to any subscriber question/complaint within 24 hours (excluding weekends and Bank Holidays)
  3. To ensure all marketing material includes clear information on subscription levels and past results
  4. To offer simple staking plans that will facilitate cross service comparisons
  5. To proof all service tipping to a suitable independent body eg Racing Index or an approved UKAST Review Member
  6. To send all daily selection advices by email to results(at)ukast.org
  7. To accept referral of any unresolved disputes to the Association who will adjudicate and offer a solution
  8. To respond to information requests from the Association within an agreed time

The Association will provide the following services for Certified Members

  1. To maintain a register of members and individual services covered by the Association
  2. To provide a database that can be searched by the public to check membership of the Association
  3. To provide a UKAST certification badge with unique member number for display on websites and other marketing material
  4. To offer advice to members on best practice in providing betting products and services
  5. To provide a dispute resolution service which can be accessed by member clients
  6. To consult with appropriate government and other bodies to protect the interests of members
  7. To Provide a unified voice for members to promote and defend the industry and seek opportunities for promoting the value of UKAST to members and consumers
  8. To offer (via the Association website) advice to would be service subscribers on best practice for service providers

The full details of member's responsibilities is set out in the Terms and Conditions page

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