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The free Bet Chat website provides plenty of interesting and informative content, from articles to the Bet Chat Academy, from betting guides to videos, along with regular free tips from its own services and other vetted partners. Content is primarily football and horse racing related but does cover a broad range of other sports including golf, cricket, American football and greyhounds to name a few.

Josh also provides his annual Premier Bets guide which looks at the best value ante post bets for each English Premier League team for the upcoming season. Previous years have proved very lucrative (I know from personal gain!).

This year also sees the inaugural Bet Chat Fantasy Football League which offers some amazing monthly and season prizes.

But the main aim of Josh and his team is to uncover hidden gems in the tipping world.

Since launching in February 2020 they have vetted many potential services, but currently just two have made the grade.

The Inside Man - this is a fixed odds football betting service run by Adam Cheng. It focuses primarily on the English Leagues and the major European cup competitions, and occasionally internationals. Adam has an impressive edge in one market in particular (although bets cover a range of different types) and you can find out what that market is and much more about this service on The Inside Man page.

Football Index Intelligence - run by another Adam, Adam Gibbs, this service offers a strategy for building a profitable portfolio of players on the rapidly growing Football Index platform. The aim is to build a portfolio that delivers regular dividends and capital appreciation, whilst also exploiting short-term trading opportunities. More about Adam and Football Index Intelligence can be found on the service's own page.

The Dossier - is not a tipping service but a collection of 16 betting strategies accumulated by Josh in over 15 years in the industry. The 73-page guide is crammed with strategies covering horse racing, greyhound racing, NFL, football and much more. You can find out more about The Dossier here.

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