What do UKAST offer?

The AST is an independent organisation that will maintain a register of business offering sports related tipping and software as well as approving reliable proofing sites.

This will allow the betting public to check the credentials of services as well as offering a complaints resolution process for certified members. While it is always going to be impossible to guarantee future performance the Association will be a visible confirmation of the good practices of members.

Membership of the AST will allow you to demonstrate to your potential and existing clients that you have complied with our strict qualification requirements.

See our Membership options below..

Single Tipping or System Service

Those running a single website which offers tips or a system designed directly by the owners should apply for the Single Membership below.

Multiple Service Publishers

If you promote and/or manage tipping advice from more than one author then you should apply for Publisher Membership

Software and non tipster products

You may offer software that places bets for the individual (bots) or which make selections based on defined criteria. Other services such as ratings or databases would fit our Other Products Membership category.

Review Sites

The industry needs review sites that can demonstrate their impartiality and accurate proofing records. Service providers will be able to approach such sites to support their membership of AST. Apply below for Review Membership.

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