Why do tipsters sell their information?

This question comes up time and time again, and despite having seen many responses along the lines of “I want to help punters make money”, the reality is far less philanthropic.

If the tipster’s drivers were really quite so benevolent we would see successful services offered for free and/or much lower charges for information. A tipster’s information is like any other product, and the market forces of supply and demand will take effect. So, in essence the tipster is simply operating a business. There is nothing wrong with this, and I’m surprised how few tipsters will come out and say it. If you understand that for professional tipsters this is their livelihood and they will succeed or fail on results, then you can more easily buy into their commitment to making the service successful.

If you think about it, we all make our living doing what we’re good at, what we’ve studied for and what we’re qualified in. So whether you’re an accountant, solicitor, builder, plumber or personal trainer, people buy your services for your expertise and knowledge. If you could do your own tax return you wouldn’t employ an accountant, if you could build your own extension you wouldn’t employ a builder and if you had the commitment to getting fit you wouldn’t use a personal trainer. We use tipsters for their knowledge, skill and experience and just as a builder wouldn’t build your extension for free and an accountant wouldn’t do your tax return for free, why should a tipster provide their tips for free?

The second reason a tipster will sell their information is because they cannot make enough money from it themselves. Like you and I, tipsters will face the same problems of account closures and restrictions which limits their ability to profit from their information. Selling the information through a tipping service gives them an added income and allows them to continue to operate as a tipster for both their own and your gain.

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